To be a compassionate, supportive and understanding Life Empowerment Facilitator and Energy healer, I will guide you in creating balance and inner peace from the external chaos. Together we will make a vast difference with you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, on your personal life journey.

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“There is a Light in this world, a healing spirit much stronger than any darkness we may encounter… We sometimes lose sight of this force, where there is suffering, too much pain…Then suddenly the spirit will emerge, through the lives of ordinary people and answer in extraordinary ways.”

~ Mother Teresa


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Reiki Services

Reiki is an energy healing method provided with (or without) music and non-invasive methods.

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Life Empowerment Facilitator

I will help you to achieve your personal goals by combining the Energy healing.

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Clearings & Cleansings

When you are depressed, sad, your aura needs cleansing and is closer to your body.

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Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is administered very much the same as the Reiki provided to humans.

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Experience Unique Life Changes
  • "I had my very first Reiki experience and it was absolutely amazing! I must say I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect, but Leah reassured me everything would be ok and to try and relax. I started to get calmer and closed my eyes, at first I didn't feel anything but then I started to feel like there was an energy force inside my body. It was relaxing and it felt like it was lifting a huge weight off my shoulders. I had my eyes closed almost the whole time and all of a sudden I felt like my head was swirling a little, like negative energy was being released and then it stopped. After the session was over I felt good.The next day I was so full of energy and felt wired, as in different then I've ever felt before. It was a good thing! I am so grateful to Leah for all she does and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I will be booking an appointment again in the future. Thank you Leah and Reiki Renascence!"
    Lynn Westlake
  • "I had a Reiki treatment by Leah recently.  Like everyone else, my life is busy and hectic and like most of us, I never set aside any time to relax, to give the body a chance to be calm and heal.  I found Leah to be very professional and able to put me at ease immediately, so I was not nervious prior to the treatment.  I also found the music very relaxing, almost feeling the music rather than hearing it.  During the treatment and without my saying anything, Leah's hands lingered longer over my knees and feet.  I did not tell her I was having trouble with both.  I kept my eyes closed during the treatment so I could focus on my body and I did feel a comfortable warmth coming from her hands when she focused on an area.  Leah freely shared her knowledge with me before and after the treatment, answering any questions I had, which was refreshing.  She also suggested a couple of things for me to do, one of which was using sage prior to bed because of the trouble I was having falling asleep, it worked.  I felt rejuvenated after the experience, more grounded internally.  I would highly recommend this treatment by Leah to others."
    Nancy Downes
  • "I just took a refresher for my Level 1, I wish I had taken my initial Level 1 with Leah to begin with! I walked away with such knowledge and understanding of how Reiki can help me and many others. Don’t hesitate, book your level 1 Reiki with Leah @ Reiki Renascence. She’s so down to earth, salt of the earth , genuinely wanting to help others whether you be human, animal or other. Thank you Leah, your light shines bright."
    Shawna Garvey Marroccoli
  • "I had amazing experience
    thanks Leah
    see you again soon!"
    Coco Lift
  • "I recently had a long distance reiki session and one in person with Leah!
    It was amazing and helped me more than I could have imagined!"
  • "Amazing!!!
    There is not enough room to write everything that is amazing about Reiki Renanscence.
    The care and time that is provided to you as a customer is like none other.."
    Mary Thompson
  • "I’m so pleased and feel so fortunate to have been lead to you. Thank you so much for making my Reiki 1 certification experience so enriching and fulfilling. Information, gifts in abundance along with your fun, kind and down to earth approach , a very personal and one on one feel , made my experience all that I had hoped for and more."
    Much love, Christina
  • "I just took the level 1 course and Leah was amazing! I would recommend it to anyone who has ever thought about taking it. Don't hesitate. Leah puts so much love into everything she taught. It was a very amazing experience!
    Thank you so much.
    Much love"
  • "Was an absolutely amazing experience! Leah Hurst Lywood I can safely say my life has changed for the better. I am becoming more and more confident in myself and with my intuitions. Will definitely be back for reiki level two! Xx"
    Brittany Spicer

Events and Workshops

Events and workshops are held regularly each month for relaxation, meditations, self awareness, manifestation, clarity consultations and compassionate healings amongst various other gatherings.  Take a step towards rejuvenation and moving forward on your life path NOW. 
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